They Asked Questions First, Then Delivered

When I started my search for a new partner, among the many, I interviewed was AdRem Systems. Their approach was simple. They asked good questions and most importantly they listened. The AdRem Systems team learned about our business first. Then they delivered.

Our previous providers help desk did not resolve issues quickly and the same issues kept reoccurring. We learned that our network lacked upgrades that were at the root of the problem.  The old provider was not using a ticketing system. With AdRem our people regained confidence in our new upgraded network and their helpdesk was quick and efficient. Most importantly, the previous issues, were resolved quickly and pro-actively

I have overseen the I.T. needs of my growing company for over 20 years. As our network grew, I decided to hire a managed service provider with an expectation that my I.T. infrastructure would be fully managed, protected and serviced. After a few years of my old provider supporting us, I found myself literally managing their problems that they did not, could not or would not resolve.

AdRem Systems Corporation came in, took control and responsibility of our Network. Their partnership with us has been responsive, professional, and predictable. Please give them a call.

Mike R. Director of I.T.
Government Contractor

Out with Chaos; In with Local, Trusted, Reliable support!  

We chose to look for a new I.T. provider because our previous one literally created chaos! They were not local and this meant they couldn’t come onsite.   Our company was growing rapidly and problems within our network were not being resolved. The challenges this presented was network downtime and slow and erratic servers which affected my department functions and the morale of our team.

AdRems Systems brought a new vision, and they understood the issues and resolved them. If they are needed on site, their techs are here to assist and fix any issues that might arise.  My team has confidence in the network – no more re-doing work or worrying about meeting deadlines!

Our partnership with AdRem has developed into a trust relationship.  They recently recommended we change to a more robust and feature rich VoIP phone system. The process and deployment was exactly what we needed because more of our work was being done from a home office environment. The timing was perfect!

AdRem Systems made a difference and I highly recommend them.

Jeannie M. Human Resources Manager

Responsive Account management, Customer Support Rocks! 

Whenever we have an issue, AdRem Systems account manager is here for us.  Our partnership with them has made our lives less stressful.

My role as an I.T. Business Analyst for my company made me part of the decision to bring on a new MSP and we chose AdRem Systems as our partner.  Not only do they support our network, they also provide consultation on various projects. We recently wanted a new Mobile Device Management System.  The Account Manager helped us evaluate our options and ultimately make our decision.

Another service AdRem Systems provides is Vendor Management.  I didn’t have to deal with resolving issues with our phone company.  AdRems Account Manager jumped right in and took that off my plate!

They work tirelessly to assist us with projects and their people are knowledgeable and talented.  Give them a call, they can help your company too!

Gayathri K. I.T. Business Analyst

HelpDesk and Communication are Important.  

What I like about AdRem Systems is the responsiveness to our employee needs.  As the inhouse Desktop support manager, having a knowledgeable and responsive HelpDesk is important. 

My time is freed up for tasks and projects knowing that AdRem Systems helpdesk has my back.  They are quick, efficient and communicate with our employees in a way that we all have confidence in their ability to resolve issues.  This makes everyone’s job easier.

I would recommend AdRem Systems, they get the job done.

Javier P. Desktop Support Manager

I am not an I.T. person, I’m an Architect.

AdRem Systems is a valued member of my team. I don’t worry about my technology; they keep me up to date and running so I can concentrate on my core business.  My network is safe and secure. That gives me peace of mind!

I recently relocated my office, they worked with me to plan the move so I experienced limited downtime.  My operation was up and running quickly allowing me to service my clients without any delay.

AdRem Systems is flexible to my needs.  Their staff is friendly and courteous. I highly recommend you talk to them!

Brad D. Architecture Firm

AdRem Systems listens and their people make our experience a priority! 

Our first interaction with AdRem Systems left a strong impression. We were experiencing system-wide slowdowns with recurring issues under our previous provider. AdRem requested access to our Network and their team quickly discovered a vulnerability and were confident in a fix.  We were dealing with this issue for months while the previous provider treated the symptoms. Once we decided to partner with AdRem Systems, they resolved our issue in a matter of days. Their team, by far, is the most capable and thorough of any service we’ve worked with.

With AdRem Systems, I don’t have to think (or worry) about our IT Network anymore.  AdRem Systems has been a rock-solid augmentation to our business from day one!

Patrick O. COO

I depend on AdRem Systems’ knowledge base; it makes my job easier. 

We searched for a good fit with an MSP to support my team and co-manage our IT services. AdRem won the contract and overcame server obstacles right out of the box. They assisted us with the successful deployment of an updated accounting system and went above and beyond to ensure we got everything resolved and functional. They also helped us secure devices in our field operations. Their team is always friendly and available to us. Day-to-day operations have gone much smoother since we partnered with them.

On any given day, I have a lot on my plate. AdRem Systems is there for me, and their knowledge base and professionalism make my daily job easier.

Patrick G. Director of I.T.

AdRem’s Talent for IT Keeps Me Focused on Business Growth

Moving to AdRem’s Managed Services has worked out great for our company. It has freed up time from my staff, so they can focus on other issues, and I can focus on growing my business. We used to have an internal IT Manager, but AdRem is more efficient and knowledgeable; they can troubleshoot and correct issues quicker.

I recommend AdRem as a responsible, knowledgeable, and personable team able to handle any issue you may have. We all have talents that drive our businesses forward – AdRem’s talent is IT. Why not let AdRem focus on their talent to help you focus more on yours.

Rick S. Co-Owner
Manufacturing & Distribution